Sobre todo aprendemos a soltar nuestra voz, a buscarnos un sonido óptimo, y sobre todo a través de quitarnos la vergüenza, de quitarnos los prejuicios, nos liberamos del dualismo de seguir categorizando cada momento por bueno o por malo, de juzgar a nosotr@s mismos por si lo hacemos bien o mal.

Al final se consigue confiar al sí mismo y sacar el sonido más bello, más confiado y más libre que llevamos dentro.

Para trabajar, utilizamos técnicas que se dirigen a volvernos en el momento, el momento espontáneo.

Una de estas técnicas es la "Dirección por señas".

En esta técnica, dirigimos un ensamble mediante señas, y hacemos música en directo, en el momento espontáneo que es verdaderamente libre de pensamientos, dudas y juicios de preconceptos.

The workshops meet every month, on the third or fourth Saturday of each month.

¡Contact us so that we can send you the date of the next workshop!

Primeros resultados del taller 4 de laboratorio corpovocal.

Poco a poco iremos aprendiendo más y más a armonizar. Esto es solo el principio...

Clases Personales o en Grupos de dos personas

In our singing classes, you will learn to find your voice, to develop your own personal sound, to get the most out of your instrument, and above all, to own and control your voice.

Aprenderás estas 4 técnicas:

  • Vocal techniques
  • Breathing techniques
  • Intonation
  • Ear Training

And more!

No matter what your style or musical tastes are, here you will learn all the necessary tools to control your voice and express your emotions, which we will also work on in the best way.

We will address insecurities, shyness and stage fright, seeking to relax in our singing. We'll learn to obtain a sense of security with our voice so that we can improve and let our vocal development flow naturally.

We have equipment for the classes such as a microphone that we will teach how to use and monitors to listen to ourselves from outside. You do not need to have experience, this class is aimed to anyone who wants to learn to sing, professionally, as a hobby, or for emotional therapy.

The classes are usually individual for one hour, if there are groups they are for a maximum of two people, if they're at the same level.

See you at our next course!

Taller de Canto: "La esencia de tu sonido".

Didactic Concerts

Educational show. A tour of the "black music" (jazz and funk) is made, starting from its origins to the most innovative and electronic proposals.

The leading artists and musicians of this show become a peculiar Funk band which will be interviewed in an original music program / show called: WITHOUT FUNK THERE IS NO PARADISE. The public, thanks to a surprising staging, is immersed in the recording of a crazy-fun television program.

A show for children from 3 to … 100 years old!

The show presents the origin and evolution of jazz, to funk, in an interactive, exciting and fun way. Through music, games and laughter, their musical journey and the history of each component will be told. With the interview as the common thread, they'll practically start introducing concepts about this musical style, and its instruments will be introduced, as well as its history, involving the children in a dynamic way and plenty of fun surprises.

Without a doubt, it will be a day that they won't forget, since they'll feel enveloped by the magic of music.

"For the little ones to learn, in an exciting way"

PDF: Sin Funk No Hay Paraíso.

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